The primary goal of the Digital Innovators blog is to create a community of advanced network users, developers, visionaries and champions, together with an online space where they can share information and discuss issues impacting the community. Through this blog, we hope to enhance the visibility of Canada’s advanced network alliance and the uses and benefits of advanced networks in the research, education and innovation communities.

So what is an “advanced network”?  It is a dedicated, high-speed, fibre-optic network that is a critical tool for researchers, educators and innovators in universities, colleges, hospitals, private and public sector research labs, and schools across the country. Each province and territory has its own network; CANARIE connects them all and provides connections to international networks. Much like the Internet, these connections carry data from point to point. However, unlike the Internet that most of us use on a daily basis, the advanced networks carry huge volumes of data lightning-fast, supporting innovators at the leading edge of research of education.

4 Responses to About

  1. Brad Fortner says:

    How does one contribute?

    • CANARIE says:

      Hi Brad – sorry about the delay! I was unable to approve comments via my BlackBerry. Are you interested in contributing a post to our blog? to the Tech Agora section only?

      At the moment, we are not an open forum, though anyone one can comment (and comments are saved for admin approval). To post an article, you need to be an invited editor (currently just members of the advanced network alliance in Canada). If you’re interested in getting more involved, let me know. Send an email to wynnanne.sibbald@canarie.ca.

      Hope to hear from you!

  2. John Austin says:

    I notice that someone has incorrectly pasted Google Analytics code on some of your pages. The script code gets displayed in Chrome when I look at: https://digitalinnovators.wordpress.com/category/success-stories/.

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