A great day for digital innovators everywhere!


The sunny smiles inside matched the sunny skies outside this morning at the University of Ottawa, where Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear announced CANARIE’s renewed mandate and three-year funding of $62 million.

During the event, which representatives of the university and research community attended, the Minister was clear about the importance of CANARIE to Canada’s innovation ecosystem. He spoke eloquently on how CANARIE (together with its partner networks in the provinces and territories), enables Canadians to participate, and lead, in global initiatives that have a tangible impact:

“CANARIE is the bedrock for new advancements in science, health care and other important disciplines. These advancements improve our health, our environment, our economy and our future.”

The Minister also noted other initiatives that CANARIE is pursuing in order to meet the evolving needs of Canada’s innovators, researchers and educators:

“But beyond its core mandate as Canada’s premier research and education network, CANARIE has been making a valuable contribution to other government priorities, such as the economy and Canada’s global competitiveness.

“Last year, CANARIE launched the Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research program, or DAIR. This pilot program supported a key element of Canada’s digital economy strategy—namely, helping to grow our information and communications technology industry.

“DAIR gave small and medium-sized digital technology firms access to CANARIE’s reliable, ultra-fast network to design and test their products, share massive amounts of data and accelerate innovation, giving them a first-to-market advantage.

“CANARIE is changing with the times in other ways as well. Traffic over the network has increased nearly 600 percent in the past five years. In response, CANARIE has been able to adapt and will continue to do so to meet this burgeoning user demand.”

Minister Goodyear’s enthusiasm and support of CANARIE and of the Canadians whose work it supports was obvious, and he was particularly eloquent in his closing remarks:

“CANARIE has helped Canada’s greatest minds accomplish incredible things, and we look forward to that track record of success continuing.”

Thank you Minister Goodyear, and the Government of Canada, for your continued support of CANARIE – a fundamental element of Canada’s digital infrastructure for research and education.

Read the full speech here in English, or here in French.

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