CANARIE’s mandate renewed!

Contributor: Kathryn Anthonisen, Vice President, Marketing at CANARIE

Kathryn Anthonisen

Kathryn Anthonisen
Vice President, Marketing


Well the budget has been tabled and after almost a year of advocacy, CANARIE was successful in renewing our mandate and funding for the next two years.


First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to write a letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Industry, or his or her local MP. These letters clearly made a difference in our efforts, by letting government decision-makers know that there is a large community of users and supporters of the network, and that the network and its programs have become foundational digital infrastructure in Canada.

The process of advocating for our mandate renewal was a fascinating journey. Sometimes, as when I watched CANARIE’s President and CEO present in front of the House of Commons Finance Committee, I was humbled and awed to be part of Canadian democracy in action. While speaking with CANARIE users across the country, I was amazed at the huge variety of research that is reliant upon the network, and fascinated by the game-changing nature of some of this research. And working with the team at CANARIE, which has been busily ensuring that our current mandate is successfully completed, I am proud to be part of a group of such committed, professional and talented individuals.

And now we’ve got our work cut out for us: delivering on the three main areas we are pursuing in this mandate. Just to refresh your memory, our plan is to:

1. Evolve the network to meet growing demand, which means:

  • increasing network bandwidth to address the trend of data-intensive research
  • expanding the network to connect additional institutions
  • providing core network funding assistance to support regional digital equity

2. Build network tools to speed time to discovery, which involves:

  • developing a generic researcher environment
  • creating discipline-specific plug-ins (e.g. health, social sciences) based on existing research platforms, to enhance researcher productivity
  • cultivating the next generation of GreenIT by building on existing investments and supporting made-in-Canada solutions

3. Leverage the network to commercialize innovation, which means:

  • Fully implement the Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) Program, expanding access to a robust R & D environment where digital innovators can develop, refine, validate and demonstrate innovative products and services, and move them quickly to market.

It’s an incredibly exciting time at CANARIE – we’ll keep you posted on progress via our email blasts, website updates, CANARIE Connections newsletter and speaking engagements at conferences and events.

Stay tuned!

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