Live-Blogging Canada 3.0 – Jeremy Gutsche

Highly entertaining and energetic talk from Jeremy Gutsche of this morning at Canada 3.0.

His insights on innovation include:
– responsible failure means you are innovating!
– rewarding decisions, and not outcomes, can enable a more innovative environment; and – innovation starts by observing your customers in their zone.

And here are Jeremy’s Top Ten trends for 2011:
10. Hyperrealism in art
9. Toddler touchscreens – games and apps for the preschool set
8. Democratic selling, where social media helps determine what to sell
7. Rock- star self expressionism (I like to think I’m a little bit Chrissy Hynde…)
6. Modern kidvertising (see number nine above)
5. Luxury lives on — especially in the travel sector
4. Geriatric couture, meaning embroidery, crocheted and hand-knitted garments (but we can take a pass on the plastic rain hats, thankfully)
3. Perpetual adaptation – ever- evolving aesthetics
2. Tweetonomics
1. Discrete consumerism, where generic marketing is being replaced by experiences targeted to specific groups of people.

Lots more to come from Canada 3.0!

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