Live-Blogging Canada 3.0 – Soniya Monga

Soniya Monga giving an interesting talk about what she refers to as explicit and implicit data.

Explicit data is information that we have willingly shared, through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among others.

Implicit data is what is inferred about you from the data that you have willingly shared…Soniya says that we are at the cusp of mining this data in ways that can deliver real value.

A couple of examples:

  • a tool that tells you when a friend is nearby;
  • a tool that alerts you to an exhibition by a favourite artist at a gallery in your neighbourhood; or 
  • an app that lets you know that a local store is now carrying your favourite brand of coffee, jeans, whatever!

Would you be interested in this kind of use of your public data?

What are the implications for privacy?

Is this the natural evolution of digital marketing?

Stay tuned … more innovative thinking coming from Canada 3.0

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